Well I decided that it is time to go for a new look for these pages. I am now going to focus more on getting the old pictures up because that seems to be what most of you are interested in. 

I have now gotten all the pictures that I have,  posted! 

If you have any old pictures of Seabrook old pictures of people from Seabrook and you would like to share them then send them to me at webmaster@bowleyfamily.com and I will publish them on this site.

I am building a house. click here to see the pictures and story.

When I get more I will put them up, I am also going to try to get pictures of how some of those places look now and post them also.

I enjoy any ideas, feedback or hints that you might have. Click on the e-mail link at the bottom of the page and drop me a note. Also if you haven't already, sign the guest book.  As word of this site gets out more and more people are reading these pages and the guest book. So leave your e-mail when you sign and maybe an old friend or relative will drop you a note.

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